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Welcome to Centerpiece Gardens, your source for great plants and hardy doubles.   We are located in Suwanee, Georgia, about 25 miles northeast of Atlanta and in zone 7a. 

All of our introductions have been hybridized, grown and tested over at least two winters in Michigan. (Since that is where we previously were located)  They also have done great in Georgia the last 6 years.

In Michigan, we experienced that many available doubles did not either double all the time or were not hardy so that is why we specialized in hybridizing  all forms of doubles, both diploid and tetraploid.  We also have a singles program. 

We ship a bonus plant(s) with every order, usually a very new one with new intros and recent ones with recent intros.

Bruce Kovach has been hybridizing daylilies for 15 years, and you can be assured that the plants are selected for garden vigor in normal growing conditions.  He is an AHS garden Judge and Exhibition Judge, and selects for good plant habits, vigorous growth, sunfastness, and uniqueness.

We grow about 3000 seedlings each year, 85% of those are doubles.

We start shipping around April 10th.  Any earlier, and we still can be experiencing freezing weather.    If we expect a late frost here in Georgia we try and cover all our plants to minimize the cold effect.

We love visitors by appointment, please email or call first!  Our email address is and our phone numbers is: 770-815-8921.

Bruce does accept speaking engagements depending on his busy schedules.  Please call or email and we can talk about it.  We normally ask for travel expenses and give intros to the club or region to help defray costs.



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