Earthly Treasures Daylily Garden

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Welcome to the 2013 season.  The flowers are in bloom, looking fantastic with all the rain and cool weather we've gotten in early spring, and I've got new flowers I'm putting up n the website every chance I get.

EARTHLY TREASURES is owned and operated by Angie Bowald. The garden is located in Sandy Hook, Virginia, and boasts over 750 registered daylily cultivars along with a few selected seedlings.

Shipping is available May 1st - September 15th, please let me know what works best for you in terms of a good shipping date when your order is being placed.

Have a great time looking, and I look forward to hearing from you!  You can email me at

NOTE: If a daylily is listed as DISPLAY, it is most likely unavailable at this time, but you can always ask and I can check as Tets multiply and increase as they bloom, so you migth be in luck and able to pick up a division!! 

Photo on Welcome Page - BLUE FLIRT - Stamile, Grace 2001


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