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Welcome to the Web site of Daylilies on Swearing Creek , formerly Ladybug Run, The Lawrence Gardens in Annandale, Va. Few of the plants we had in northern Virginia made the trip south to our new home on the banks of Swearing Creek in Davidson County, N.C., 12 miles south of the city of Lexington.

There are few prices listed because Daylilies on Swearing Creek has undergone an almost total revision. However, we will be posting prices as we determine that we have sufficient inventory of a cultivar. Too, we will be posting photos taken in our garden as the plants permit.

Most of the plants we now offer were registered in 1990 and later. There are a few cultivars registered prior to 1990, but they will play some part in our rejuvenated hybridizing program. Please note, too, that the plants that have prices are for fall 2010 and spring 2011 delivery. We’re overrun with this labor of love sometimes referred to as the “creation” of our garden.

Here is a map of how the descriptions are shown: Hybridizer’s name; year of cultivar registration; size of bloom; height of scape; ploidy (diploid or tetraploid); bloom season; foliage habit; fragrance, if plant possesses it; is plant a spider or unusual form, double, polymerous?; general description of plant; number of branches; number of buds; parentage.

We accept payment by personal check, cashier's check or money order, and with your Visa or MasterCard. We can also accept your credit card or debit card purchases through Paypal.

Our plants are state inspected. We ship only blooming size plants, but should you be displeased with your plants upon arrival, please return them to Daylilies on Swearing Creek for exchange or a full refund – your choice.


BLOOM SEASON : EE – extra early; E – early; EM – early midseason; M – midseason; MLa – late midseason; La – late; Re – rebloom; Ext – blooms open more than 16 hours; fra – fragrance; noc – nocturnal. Asterisk following plant’s name indicates cultivar is tetraploid.

FOLIAGE HABIT : dor – dormant (deciduous) (foliage dies back in winter). E – evergreen (foliage is green year-round). sev – semi-evergreen (though not a true description of foliage habit, some hybridizers use it. Indicates foliage may or may not die back in winter, depending on weather conditions.)

Our plants are thoroughly washed, then submerged in: 1) ammonia; 2) bleach/water mixture; 3) spray of insecticidal soap immediately before being packed. We want to be certain that you receive nice, large plants that aren’t taking any of our soil or undesirable critters to your beds.

We are always eager to invite visitors, including children -- and they can even "smell the flowers." How else are they to learn of the world about them? But, Mom and Dad, please keep an eye on them. If you would wish to visit, please contact us to be sure one of us is here to answer any questions you may have. Otherwise, feel free to stroll about at your leisure.

Many of our friends will note that the photo of Kathy and me is somewhat dated. It was taken during last growing season before an accident on Feb.13 cost me my left arm just below the elbow, making this photo obsolete. We will change it once the garden reaches peak bloom. Be assured, though, that the loss of my arm is nothing more than a nuisance or a hindrance -- not a disability and most assuredly not a handicap. I continue to do whatever is required to keep the garden in fine condition -- though, of course, it's a tad more difficult to dig or weed this granite that passes for soil in our neck of the woods.

Finally, my sincere thanks to those photographers who so graciously permitted me to use their cultivar images, and more especially those whose images have been used without attribution because it was not available, until such time as I can substitute my own work. If someone spots their work and wishes it removed, please contact me and it will be done immediately.

Kathy and I look forward to hearing from you,


Daylilies on Swearing Creek
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Lexington, NC 27292-8123
Phone/Fax - 336-798-6387


Swearing Creek Introductions



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Lawrence 2002. 4.75", 24", tet, MLa Re, sev, VFr. Burgundy with darker watermark and soft edge above yellow to deep chartreuse throat. 5 branches, 10 buds. (CUSTARD CANDY X SMITH BROTHERS)



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Jerabek-LAWRENCE 2002. 4.5", 21", dip, MLa Re, sev, VFr. DOUBLE 99%. Yellow with ruffled gold shark tooth edge above chartreuse throat. [CAPITOL HILL X (BETTY WOODS x GOLDEN SCROLL)]